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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 27

This has been a great day!

I started off this morning with a hike at Solstice Canyon. The hike was a lot more fun today because my friend Danielle, who is leaving tomorrow :(, joined us! Also, Rebecca who was here a few weeks ago met us too! So it was a more relaxed hike, just enjoying each other's company. After the hike, all I had to do was go to stretch, and then my day was through!

I just got back from getting a hydrating facial, my skin feels amazing! Now it is on to dinner, and relaxing! On a sad note today, my friend Noelle is on here way back to Chicago. :( Luckily she has made sure that I am taken care of! ;)

What really made my day great was getting two gifts in the mail!

My sweet little husband sent me a letter and a picture of him on his bike in his underwear! I would put it on here but I don't want to get everyone all excited. :) He wrote me a sweet letter telling me that he is proud of me, and that makes me feel better than words can describe!

My other gift was actually from Rilo, I guess he felt bad after reading that Rambo had sent me flowers. ;) Rilo wrote me a sweet note too, telling me how much he missed me. Rilo's gift was a painting of himself, it was even signed!

So thank you to Drew and Rilo for making my day! I love you both very very much and can't wait to be back home!

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