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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 37

Today's hike.
Unfortunately the haze you see in the
background is smog! :(

One day closer to being home!!

I had another good day, I think it's because I am so excited to go home I am just kind of zoned out! :) We hiked at Cheeseboro today which is a meadow hike, it was a nice change of scenery from the usual canyons. The afternoon consisted of a toning class, cardio intervals, and pool. One thing that really threw off my afternoon was dinner. Everyone here knows that Tuesday's are chocolate covered strawberry nights, that may not mean much to you, but here it means everything! This is the only real dessert we get and it is something to look forward to, but today they really let me down. Supposedly we're having them on Thursday, and they better not be lying! ;)

Today's card is from:

Aunt Faye!

Thanks for sending me a card! I love to know that you are following along! It really is beautiful here, but nothing compares to being back home! I am looking forward to seeing you soon! Love and miss you!

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  1. I can't believe you have been gone this long! (although, I'm sure you know exactly how long you have been away). I am soooooo proud of you and I can't wait to see you! Love you lots!