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Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 36

3,000 blog views! You guys are amazing! And yes I'm sure a thousand of them have been my Mom! ;)

Well the good news is I have bounced back from my cold! YAY! These past five days were rough, I was so ready to tackle my last two weeks and to have to sit out killed me! Yes, you read that right, I would rather be exercising six hours a day than laying in the bed!

My day went well, our hike was at Castro's Crest. After six weeks it is still one of my least favorites. The cool part was I had my picture taken at the same point I did on my first week and I got to put the pictures side by side. I think since we see our bodies everyday, sometimes we feel like they don't really change that much. It felt really good to see my progress, and be able to point out exactly where I'd lost.

Today's card is from:

Betty Jo!

Thank you BJ, I was definitely having one of those weeks! I appreciate you taking the time to send me a card! I have got Mom talked into exercising a few days a week, we'd love for you to join us! Hope to see you soon! Love ya!

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