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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 9

Set where Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was filmed.
This is at Paramount Ranch. 

Thanks to everyone following along, I surpassed 1000 hits today! :) Hope you aren't finding me boring yet!

Today was a good day, I pushed myself and it felt good. The hike was back at Newton Canyon, and I'm not sure if you remember my post from last week but I really struggled with it. Today I was able to make it though the entire hike while only stopping once! I was so proud of myself! It is the weirdest feeling conquering something that 7 days ago made me want to die. The cardio classes today were tough, but I was able to walk faster on the treadmill, and even ran a couple of times.

On to today's card:


Thank you Kendra for the sweet letter! I am so happy knowing that you all are behind me 100%. I love being your sister-in-law and an aunt to those sweet boys! I can't wait to get back so we can all hang out again, I'm feeling some Super Mario Brothers real soon! Please give Shoog and Benji a big hug and kiss from me! See y'all soon! Love ya!

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