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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 16

One side of the hike had snow
covered mountains in the distance.

The other side had the beach. 

Oh happy day, I just had my first chiropractic appointment! I don't know why I have never gone before, I love to have my back popped, and this was a regular back popping times 10! I even let him pop my neck (sorry Mom), and who knew it could pop so much! At the end he had me bend over and touch my toes and I could actually do it! I am excited to see if I am able to perform better tomorrow. 

Fitness wise, today went well. I had a new hike today called Zuma Reverse, which consisted of going up for about two miles and then down a half mile or so. It was an in and out hike so we got to go back the way we came. I was one of the stronger hikers today, but then again I should be considering I have been here three weeks! ;) I am still amazed at some of the hills I am able to make it up, I just turn on my music and try to drift off to thoughts of being back home! 

The weather here has been cold, so I have been avoiding the pool classes. I doubled up on cardio intervals and it was tough. Cardio intervals is a series of 8 thirty second intervals where you take it up a notch in speed or a notch in incline. Once you get to the 8th interval you stay there for one minute and then work you way back down in thirty second intervals. When you get back to your starting point, you have a couple of minutes to recover and then you do two/three sprints. After that, you start all over. I really pushed it today, and was able to burn almost 900 calories between the two classes, and that made me feel great! Today's total calorie burn was 3,616. 

On to today's card:

Aunt Faye!

Thank you for sending me a card, I love getting mail! I appreciate your love and support! I am very determined and I know exactly who I get that from! :) I know that he is watching over me, and that really helps motivate me. I believe that he would be proud of me making this decision to better my life. I miss him so much, but I still feel such a strong connection/energy around me, I know he's not far away. Thanks again for the card! Love you! 

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