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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 24

What a great day!

I had a nice hike at the beach today, even if I was hit by a wave when I wasn't looking! Luckily, it was a warm day and I dried quickly. I saw my first celebrity today, Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was running on the beach today. So there's that. After the hike, I had stretch which is always so relaxing! :) The cardio today was mountain class and kickboxing, two of the harder classes but they went well!

Now on to what made really my day!

I order some new shirts from Gap that I saw had been delivered, so I went to the front desk to pick them up. So I walk in, and I see this beautiful bouquet of flowers. I was thinking to myself how pretty they were and I wished they were for me. So I told the girl that I should have a package and she got it for me, and as I was turning away, she pointed to the flowers and said those are for you too! I was so excited!! So thank you Mom, Johnny, Maxx, and Rambo for my beautiful flowers, I love them so much, and I am missing y'all like CRAZY!

But wait, the great day doesn't stop there!

My friend Noelle, who is leaving me on Saturday, came to dinner with a gift for me! She knows an author in Chicago who has a few books out that she thought I would enjoying reading so she bought me the first two books! She even wrote on the inside cover and dated it. I am really looking forward to reading them! Thank you Noelle, I am going to miss your bitterness and snide remarks, my day just won't feel the same! ;) But seriously, I really have enjoyed getting to know you and am going to miss you! Drew and I will be coming to Chicago soon to visit though!

So since I have been showered with gifts today, I am not going to open a card tonight. Although, I received three cards in the mail today! You guys have been so supportive, and I am forever grateful. The cards, text, and phone calls really have made this an enjoyable experience. THANK YOU!

My beautiful flowers! 

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  1. Did he sing this song to you? It's the jam.