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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 20

This is where we would normally cross
but as you can see the water
was running a little fast. 

This is part of the ruins of the mansion.
This was their garden where they would
go and pray to Mary. 

Well tomorrow is my official half way point! I am weighing in at 8:30 and am very anxious! I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the results, but plan on keeping a positive attitude no matter what. I knew coming here wasn't a solution to my weight loss problem, there was no way I could come back and be cured and at my goal weight. It is going to be a tough road when I get home because I know I still have a lot to lose, but as positive as my experience here has been, it will also be my motivation to keep a healthy lifestyle. If I would have just made better choices, I could be at home right now enjoying time with Drew, my family, and friends. 

Today was a half day, so my only workout was my hike. On Saturday's you have a couple of hikes to choose from, and this week I chose Solstice Canyon. The reason I chose this hike is because it's a loop instead of an in and out, but that was not the case today. The hike starts out with about a 40 minute incline, then it levels out and you work your way down the other side to the ruins of a mansion built in the 1900's. Today's problem was because there had been so much rain the river we have to cross to continue the hike was too high to safely make it across. So you know what that means, we had to turn around and go back up the mountain! :( I was able to keep a pretty fast pace but once I got back to the other side there was still enough time to go back up the trail a little and then turn around to finally go to the van. Needless to say, I ended up with a much more intense Saturday hike than I had originally intended! 

Today's card is from:

My in-laws Lysa and Bill! 

Thank you guys for the sweet card! I am happy to know that you guys are behind me 100%, but then again you always are! :) I am so thankful to have y'all in my life. Lysa words can't begin to describe how grateful I am to have your son as my husband. I am completely blessed to know that I have found my one and only, and I promise to take good care of him. Speaking of taking care of him, thank y'all for going up to BG and taking him out to dinner, I know he appreciates the company. I am looking forward to seeing y'all in a few weeks! Also, I am ready to try out my new golf clubs when I get back! Love y'all! 

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