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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 19

This is not part of the resort, but it stands on top
of a hill that over looks us. I see
it every night when I walk
back to my room.

And I'm back! Sorry about yesterday, I was really just having a bad day. I feel like the weather played a big part in my bad mood. During the previous weeks, I was able to hang out by the pool and socialize, but this week my routine was go to class, go to my room, go to lunch, go to my room..etc. So I do apologize, because I am trying to keep my experience here a positive one.

Today was a nice day, the sun was out and the classes went by fast. I didn't hike again because it rained so much yesterday. If you choose not to hike, you have to spend a couple of hours in the gym. I used my time today to do intervals on the treadmill, strength training(pumping iron), and crunches. No matter how hard I work, I still can't seem to get the same calorie burn as I do on the hikes. But since it has been sunny today, I am hiking tomorrow for sure!

I just love getting mail, and today I received two cards! I opened them both since I didn't open one last night! :)

So thank you, Shirley Gregory and Rhonda Eakes! I am so grateful for your continued support!

Rhonda-I would love to re-introduce myself to you when I get back! ;)
Shirley-I miss the office! I am looking forward to coming home and getting back to our normal routine!

The video shows you how Drew is occupying his time without me. Silly boys.

The controls are a little off, hover your mouse over the first set of 0.00 and the play button should turn red. Just click while still over the numbers. 

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