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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 17

This was about half way through our hike.
If you look in the middle of the pic you
can see our white van. 

Even when you are feeling like you want to die,
you really can't beat the views. 

It was a rainy rainy Wednesday! :(

I don't have much to talk about tonight, I am just glad to be on the back side of this week. We had kickboxing class today, and sometimes that class is a really good aggression releaser. My friend Noelle offered to be my partner today, but after class she said I would have to find a new one. I guess my punches got a little rough! ;) I am getting really anxious about weighing in on Sunday, I came out here with a number goal that I would like to reach. After being here, I have tried to tell myself not to get wrapped up in the number and just go by how I am feeling and how my clothes are fitting. It's not really working, I want to reach my goal! That's about all the info I have for the day.

Today's card is from:


Thank you for the sweet card, I am definitely trying to show them that us Southern girls are tough! I hope that you are making it through lunch without me! ;) Tell Rachel I said "thank you" for her support as well! I feel a Mother/Daughter trip in our near future! XOXO

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