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Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 15

Dining Room

Week three has officially begun!

Today was a good day, Monday's are always interesting around here because the new people are running around like crazy trying to figure out where to go. After being here for three weeks, it's hard to even remember the anxiousness of being new, but I try to make an effort to talk to the new people and make them feel a little more comfortable.

I chose not to hike today because it rained so much yesterday. It turned out to be a great decision, I saw a lot of people come back soaked and covered in mud! Yuck!

Now on to my week three gift from my BFF!

It is a plaque with a stand that has a poem about us being friends! It is super cute! Thank you Erin and Carlea, I love it! Only a few more weeks until I'm home!! Love y'all!

Today's card is from:

OMG! It's from my nephew Garrett!

Garrett colored me a picture of Mickey Mouse! I love it so much, it is definitely going on the fridge when I get home! Kendra, please give Garrett a big hug and kiss from me, and tell him that I love and miss him very much! And do the same for Benji, I love and miss him too!

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